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Specialists in your Wellbeing

Specialists in the design and customization of saunas

At FAJOVI we are specialists in the manufacture of designer saunas in case the project requires a personalized design or the sauna has to adapt to the peculiarities of the available space:

  • Saunas with sloping ceilings
  • Small saunas
  • Saunas with three levels of benches
  • Large saunas
  • Saunas adapted to circular spaces or columns
  • Wooden saunas
  • etc

We also offer high-quality standard steam saunas that do not require special measures or conditioning.

Sauna en casa

Benefits of a sauna

Having a sauna at home allows you to enjoy a series of benefits for people thanks to the steam that emanates inside, such as:

  • Removes impurities from the skin
  • Recommended for people with acne
  • Clears the airways: expectorant effect, relieves coughs, colds, etc.
  • Contributes to the recovery of muscles after exercise
  • Reduces muscle and joint pain in people

In addition to the main benefits for people derived from the combination of high temperature and steam in a sauna, a sauna allows you to relax more at any time, helping to eliminate stress and tension from day to day.

In fact, a steam or infrared sauna is ideal for practicing relaxation and meditation at home.

People need moments of tranquility and relaxation to combat daily stress and a wooden sauna helps to achieve this.

Sauna materials

Each steam sauna combines wood and stoneware, among other materials, with wood being the most predominant material.

There are two types of sauna: dry sauna (also called traditional Finnish sauna) or wet sauna (Turkish bath).

In a dry or Finnish sauna the temperature is higher (between 80ºC and 90ºC) and the humidity level is lower (not higher than 20%).

In a humid sauna the temperature is somewhat lower (it does not exceed 70ºC) and the humidity level is higher (90%).

Thus, a dry heat or a more humid heat is obtained.

sauna y ducha

Where to buy a quality sauna for home

From FAJOVI we advise you to buy the wooden sauna that best suits your needs. We have the best equipment to achieve perfect performance and maximum profitability in your new steam sauna.

FAJOVI puts all its extensive experience at the service of your needs. If you need more information related to this product, please contact us.

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